Frequently Asked Questions

What is PD-5 Fuel Boost+?

PD-5 Fuel Boost+ is a revolutionary new fuel conditioner which is totally different from all other fuel additives on the market. Essentially, it is made up of aqueous droplets which are suspended in very low concentrations (20ml per 40 litres) within a tank of fuel. The science is explained in the section "How PD-5 Works". 

Why is PD-5 Fuel Boost+ better than other "additives" on the market?

Unlike the majority of products on the market, PD-5 Fuel Boost+ is an all-in-one power booster, fuel economiser and engine cleaner which works in both diesel and petrol engines. (Our competitors require you to buy a costly range of different tonics and detergents to achieve their claimed effects).

Why do I have to add PD-5 Fuel Boost+ each time I fill up?

Unlike the majority of products on the market, PD-5 Fuel Boost+ is applied every time you re-fill your tank. This means that the benefits of the conditioner progressively increase over time. By contrast, after several thousand miles, most additives need "re-charging" with the purchase of another can of the substance. This implies that their effect "wears off" or diminishes between "charges". With PD-5 Fuel Boost+ however, optimum performance is maintained at all times.

What is the difference between PD-5 Boiler Boost+ and PD-5 Fuel Boost+ ?

PD-5 Boiler Boost+ and PD-5 Fuel Boost+ are very similar in composition and have the same fuel saving and emission reduction characteristics. PD-5 Boiler Boost+ is designed for use with oil burners and can be used in both domestic burners, oil fired cookers and industrial burners. It is designed to remain evenly dispersed through fuel stored in static tanks, and where the fuel may not be agitated for 2 - 3 months. PD-5 Fuel Boost+ is designed to be used in petrol, diesel and bio diesel fuels and can be used in cars, commercial vehicles, lorries, tractors, farm machinery, boats, jet ski's and generator sets.

How do I use PD-5 Boiler Boost+ ?

PD-5 Boiler Boost+ is easy to use - just empty the 250ml bottle into your tank prior to receiving your oil delivery. It is important that you put the PD-5 Boiler Boost+ in your tank first, as filling the tank helps to disperse the product through the fuel. One 250ml bottle will treat 500 litres of heating oil. So if you plan to take delivery of 1000 litres just order 2 x 250ml bottles.

Where have the products been tested?

PD-5 Boiler Boost+ and PD-5 Fuel Boost+ have been fully tested by the UK’s leading engineering consultants, Ricardo PLC, Queen’s University Belfast and Cranfield University. They have been fully tested by leading haulage companies, ferry companies, coach companies and hundreds of individual users. 

How much do they cost to use?

The PD-5 family of products come in a variety of pack sizes depending on your needs. The cost of the product averages between 2p and 3.3p per treated litre of fuel. If you are a commercial user, you also have the option of being able to dose a bunker tank of fuel serving a whole fleet of vehicles. This saves having to dose each vehicle individually when it takes on more fuel. For more details on the cost of the products visit our shop page on the website.

Are PD-5 Boiler Boost+ and PD-5 Fuel Boost+ safe to use?

PD-5 Boiler Boost+ cannot damage any part of your oil heating system, including the boiler, pipes and radiators, and PD-5 Fuel Boost+ is totally safe to use in your vehicle. It will not damage any part of the engine including the fuel tank and pipework. PD-5+ products contain propanol so should be handled carefully as they are flammable. The bottles should be opened in a well ventilated space and stored away from direct sunlight between 5c and 30c.

Where can I buy PD-5 Boiler Boost+, PD-5 Fuel Boost+ and PD-5 Marine Boost+ ?

Ordering online

Click here to go to our shop within the website. You can select your desired product and a suitable sized container for your needs. Add this to your shopping basket, choose the postage method and complete the checkout process. You can then complete the purchase by using your credit card. 

When will my order be delivered?

All orders received Monday - Friday will be despatched within 48 hours of receipt, orders received on Saturday and Sunday will be despatched the following Monday. Once the goods are despatched you will be notified by email. You will normally receive your order within 48 - 72 hours of despatch. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

We will accept payment made using all of the major credit and debit cards using our online payment provider Stripe. 

 Do I need to dose main tanks as well as day (service) tanks with PD-5?

Most users with multiple tanks will benefit from dosing all their tanks initially using the right dose for the amount of un-dosed fuel already in the tank(s) as well as for the amount of fuel they are adding.  This will help efficiencies regardless of which tank you switch to.  If a small 1000 litre ‘day tank’ or ‘service tank’ is used it is advisable to treat the main tanks and the day tank so that PD-5 has time to form the colloidal sol in the fuel before use.

Won’t my water filtration system just filter-out PD-5 and stop it getting to my engine?

Normal water has quite a big molecular size and as it has high surface tension is easily filtered-out.  When PD-5 is locked to fuel molecules in the lower surface tension of fuel oil allows PD-5 and the fuel to pass through water filters to get to your engine where PD-5 gets to work.  Ordinary water is trapped by the filter and has to be drained off.  Depending on the water content of the fuel used, excess water can sometimes appear in water filters once PD-5 is used.  The filtered-out water is not PD-5.  Regular checks should be made on your water filters as part of routine maintenance.

 Why am I getting more water out of my water filters than I used to, now that I’m using PD-5?

There is a small percentage of water in all diesel and bio-diesel (around 0.005%-0.006% or 60 parts per million) depending on the country of origin.  This is a normal by-product of fuel manufacture and water vapour absorbed from the air during transfers of oil from sea tanker to land bunkers and from the bunkers to one or more road tankers as it makes its way to your fuel station / oil supplier.  Also condensate occasionally forms in fuel tanks in strong sunshine especially when the tanks aren’t completely full.  PD-5 is not affected by this water.

We have several refrigeration units running off separate generators and diesel tanks.  They’re very noisy – will PD-5 make them run more quietly?

We recommend using PD-5 for red diesel (gasoil, agri-diesel or marked diesel).  This will provide emissions reductions and depending on engine age could lead to smoother ignition and so quieter operation and less vibration.

How does PD-5 react with rust in the tanks?

PD-5 products are compatible with all fuel tank materials and are not affected by rust or metal scarring in tanks or fuel lines.  Rust happens due to corrosion in steel tanks caused by water contamination / condensate.

Why do condensates form in fuel?

Condensates can form due to different temperatures and humidity levels between the inside and outside of the tanks.  PD-5 products are not affected by condensate in tanks or fuel lines.  When tanks are full there is little or no space for condensation to happen.  Tanks which are not full are prone to condensation depending on the ambient temperature as well as the level of direct sunlight on the fuel tanks.

What is fuel tank sludge/ How does PD-5 react with tank sludge?

Sludge in fuel tanks is a mix of rust scars, organic matter which has fallen into the tank or come from contaminated fuel as well a fuel bug.  PD-5 products are compatible with all fuel tank materials and are not affected by sludge, rust or metal scarring in tanks or fuel lines.  There is anecdotal evidence that PD-5 controls fuel bug.

There are baffles in my fuel tank to prevent imbalance.  Won’t PD-5 just sit on one side of the baffle and not get mixed through the tank?

Baffles aren’t an issue.  PD-5 can reach all parts of the tank by splash-mixing when dosed before refuelling.  Baffles are solid or mesh panels or a honeycomb matrix within fuel tanks to discourage fuel moving around quickly causing unwelcome shifts in the centre of gravity.  The gaps at the base of the panels and the open honeycomb spaces in the matrix allow the fuel and PD-5 fuel conditioner to reach the outlet of the tank without obstruction.

How do I store PD-5? Does it need to be in a cool dark place?

PD-5 fuel conditioners are pH neutral, but contain a proportion of propanol. Therefore they should be handled with care and stored out of direct sunlight. The containers should be stored in a place where they remain below 30c and above 5c.  As necessary, conduct a risk assessment as per your health & safety guidelines and refer to the PD-5 Fuel-Tec safety sheet via our web-site on the Safety Data page. 

My engine revs are uneven now that I’ve just dosed with PD-5 for the first time. Why is this?

 The gains from using PD-5 fuel conditioners can take time to become apparent due to the unique and careful way the fuel conditioner cleans your engine.  Sometimes, as the carbon deposits from the combustion chambers are cleaned away, this can temporarily change the tick-over characteristics.  This is a normal characteristic and your engine will return to normal.

When do I dose my tank with PD-5 – before or after fuelling?

It is preferable to dose before fuelling as this splash-mixes the product and encourages rapid and even dispersal.  If the fuel tank is in a static application and you are dosing after fuelling (and adequate risk assessments are conducted and their results approved) you will need to gently agitate the contents of the tank subject to due care and attention.

 What are the long-term effects of PD-5 Fuel Boost+ on my engine?

Continuous dosing with PD-5 Fuel Boost+ conditioner ensures continued benefits of lower emissions, reduced smoke and particulates and improved fuel consumption.  The low dosing cost ensures a significant return on your investment.

Can I avoid paying for more expensive higher octane fuel if I dose with PD-5 Fuel Boost+ ?

 No.  The RON and MON properties of fuel remain the same after dosing with PD-5 fuel conditioners as does the fuel’s performance.