How It Works

PD-5 Fuel Boost+, PD-5 Boiler Boost+ and PD-5 Marine Boost+ are revolutionary fuel conditioners which can be added to all types of liquid fossil fuels. They form colloids within hydrocarbon fossil fuels which are suspended in low concentrations within a tank of fuel.

They disperse evenly throughout the fuel in your tank. The resultant mix is small and stable enough to pass through any fuel filter or other purification device. The combustion (or chemical reaction) of these droplets with the existing fossil fuel creates more energy and consequently more power to drive an engine or burner.


The enhanced combustion that occurs between PD-5 Fuel Boost+, PD-5 Boiler Boost+ and PD-5 Marine Boost+ particles with the fossil fuel reduces emissions and fuel usage ....saving you money!

How does PD-5 help?

All engines develop coke / soot deposits over time (older engines are the worst).

These subtle effects increase over time.

Evidence of these subtle effects include poor fuel consumption, black exhaust smoke, poor emissions, fouled spark plugs and difficultly with engine start-up….


PD-5 Fuel Boost+, PD-5 Boiler Boost+ and PD-5 Marine Boost+ contain no heavy metals or detergent components. The by-products from their consumption are H2O (in the form of steam) and a trace amount of CO2. Both are natural and cannot harm or damage an engine or boiler.

Eco Friendly

The gas generated by the boiling of the PD-5 Fuel Boost+, PD-5 Boiler Boost+ and PD-5 Marine Boost+ during the combustion process has been shown to have a cleaning effect on engines & boilers that already have carbon deposits. Regular use prevents the build up on injectors & nozzles allowing them to operate more efficiently. Environmental emissions such as CO, unburnt HC, particulates and smoke are reduced with less CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

PD-5 reduces your engine's smoke and carbon emissions.  For every 1000 litres fuel burned, 2.5 tons of carbon is produced.  PD-5 should be the first environmental decision for any responsible fleet owner.  There’s no capital expenditure, no carbon scrubbing plant needed at exhausts or chimneys or generators.  Every 1000 litres of fuel saved means your carbon footprint is reduced by 2.5 tons.

Benefits of PD-5 Fuel Boost+, PD-5 Boiler Boost+ and PD-5 Marine Boost+

  • Suitable for all fossil fuel oils including diesel, bio-diesel, petrol, heating oil and heavy fuel oils & vehicles with or without a catalytic converter.
  • Reduces emissions & vibrations through more efficient fuel combustion.
  • Increases power & engine output up to 5%*
  • Increases fuel economy by up to 20%*
  • Cleans Fuel System & reduces carbon deposits resulting in cleaner fuel filters
  • Revitalises old “dead” fuel which has lost its combustive value in the tank.

* Results may vary depending on application