PD-5 Boiler Boost+

 “PD-5 Boiler Boost+ is an absolute essential product for anyone with Oil Fired Central Heating in their home. I have been using PD-5 Boiler Boost+ for several years and would estimate a 20% increase economy. The one time I got a fill of oil and didn’t use the product the difference was very noticeable. With PD-5 Boiler Boost+, radiators and water heat up much quicker meaning the boiler has to do much less work - during the 2009/2010 Winter I had the thermostat set to minimum for all but the coldest days, the result is that since June 2009 - September 2010 I have only used 1150 litres to heat a 3 bed semi – can’t recommend it highly enough - service from PD Fuel-Tec is excellent”.

Andy G, Newtownards

“Having used PD-5 Boiler Boost+ with my heating oil for the last year, I can confirm that this has reduced my fuel usage by 20% from 5000 litres per annum to 4000 litres per annum. I purchase two 250ml bottles of PD-5 Boiler Boost+ each quarter, order 1000 litres of fuel and tip both bottles into my tank the day before delivery. Given that fuel prices are over 50p per litre, I believe this is saving me around £500 per annum.

David H, Saintfield  

"I have not measured the extra efficiency I receive with PD-5 Boiler Boost+, but have noticed an incredible reduction in soot build up in my oil fired Rayburn. This must improve the boiler's reliability and be better for the environment. An excellent product."

Kingsley de, Tiverton

PD-5 Fuel Boost+

"I've been using PD-5 Fuel Boost+ in an Iveco Cargo (350,000 km) and can see a noticeable reduction in smoke and feel an increase in power"

Liam McC, Belfast


PD-5 Marine Boost+